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Frequently asked questions

How will you send me the cheap flight deals?


We’ll send you all flight deals to Facebook Messenger, like a nice text from a friend

How frequently will you send me deals?


The number of deals depends on the departure city you selected and the number of deals airlines made. To give you an estimate, subscribers receive around 10-15 cheap flight deals per month from their city(+nearby airports).

How is RB better than other travel deal sites?


Our advantage is finding higher quality flight deals. Sending them before they expire and make sure you know about them.

We are not going to spam you with useless flight deals. We use Facebook Messenger as a channel to send those flight deals, so it is more friendly than email

How much does RB subscription cost?


When you sign up, you'll receive a free 14-day premium subscription, which means that you will receive ALL the best flight deals from your city (+nearby airports) for 14 days for FREE. just click here!

If you want to keep receiving all the flight deals (Premium Subscription), you can choose any of the following:

6 Month Subscription:
€18 (€3/month)

12 Month Subscription:
€29 (€2.42/month)
The plan most popular

Or as free subscriber, you will missout 80% of the flight deals.

Subscribers save up to €650 per ticket with our international flight deals. Book one trip and the subscription pays for itself 10x-20x over.

We are going to be honest with you. We hate sending useless ads or spamming users with dozens of flight deals per day just to earn the commission. So, we prefer to provide extra value to you with higher quality.

Where should I pay?


We recommend you to join us and start receiving all cheap flight deals with the free 14-day subscription. But if you want to have a longer subscription and save much more money: just click here!

Another Question?


Please send us an email to

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